Kaye has trained and raised American Cockers since 2002 for both field and indoor events. She got her first working English Cocker in 2016 and has been quite successful with him in field trials. She is a sought after hunt test judge and has judged throughout the country. Kaye is a professional dog trainer working with Cockers and Springers for hunting and field trials as well as other hunting breeds for Hunt Tests.  She focuses on positive conditioning using the dogs natural instincts and a variety of behavior focus tools to help them succeed as part of a team. Kaye has competed and successfully trained a wide range of dogs for obedience, rally, agility, conformation and most recently started training a Labrador as a service dog. She was a dog training instructor for the Sheboygan dog training club and for Sheboygan county’s 4-H dog training program for 10 years. Kaye is a licensed nurse who now uses those skills for puppy whelping, raising and vetting. She is a professional dog groomer and does take appointments upon request, and in her spare time does most of the office work.

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