At Lighthouse Kennels, we have different training options to fit different training needs. We feel fortunate to have experience with the following breeds: English Springer Spaniels (field-bred and show-bred), English Cocker Spaniels (field-bred and show-bred), Clumber Spaniels, Welsh Springer Spaniels, American Cocker Spaniels (field-bred and show-bred), Field Spaniels, Sussex Spaniels, American Water Spaniels, Boykin Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers (field-bred and show-bred), and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Our focus is on field bred Springers and Cockers.

We welcome all spaniels and retrievers used for upland hunting. If you are strictly a duck hunter or looking for help with Retriever Hunt Tests, please let us refer you elsewhere. We do not train any of the pointing breeds. Our farm is not set up properly to attain the goals of those breeds.

Private Sessions

The perfect solution for those who want to train their dog themselves, private sessions allow you to get some excellent training, homework, and encouragement. Lasting about an hour, these training sessions can help you and your dog become a great team. Price: $70 first dog, $30 each additional dog. Birds used are additional and their prices are seasonal.

Short Term Training

Going on vacation for a week or two and want to give your companion a chance at some birds? For $35 a day plus the cost of birds and food, you can do this! This reasonable price includes board, exercise three to five times a day, and training. This training option is reserved for dogs who have either been in training with us or had private sessions with us previously.

Full Time Training

This option is best for hunters who want a really nice working dog for hunting season, but are starting out with a young or inexperienced dog. This is also best for those who want to steady their dog to wing and shot (for hunting or for Master Hunt Tests) and is a must for our field trial clients. Your dog will live in the kennel beside our dogs and be given excellent care. Full-time training dogs get free exercise three to five times a day, fun runs, obedience training, and bird training sessions. It’s like a vacation for them! Full-time training for includes boarding, training, and birds. Dog food is not included. We have 3 offerings for full time training:

Option 1: Less than 6 months. This option is generally used for a dogs initial training (including general obedience, bird and dog introduction and basic field work) or brush up training for the upcoming hunting season. Cost: $1400/month with a minimum stay of 6 weeks.

Option 2: 6 or more months. This option is for advanced hunting dog training and competition dogs. This is often used for steadiness training and advanced blind handling for hunting dogs. Primarily this option is where our field trial dogs fall with 2-3 months in the spring and then again in the fall. Cost: $1100/month. Note for field trial clients entry and handling fees are an additional cost. Click here for more information. Owners are responsible for dog food, Heartworm, and flea/tick preventatives.

Option 3: Long term training, this option is used for stays longer than 1 year. These are dogs that live with us for extended periods of time. Some folks choose to keep their hunting dogs here outside of the hunting season and many field trial clients keep dogs with us year round. Cost: $1000/month plus dog food.

Please email if you have any questions on our offerings or to setup an appointment.