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DOB 04/24/2015

Slash is a gorgeous tall male who is full of personality. He is an easy hunter, control is a piece of cake with him! He likes birds and is a good retriever. He is a fun dog to be around, frequently makes people laugh. He can be a jumper. Though he doesn't normally go over fences he will jump up to the top of a 6 foot fence. 4 foot fenced back yards would not work for him. He is crate trained but has not spent time in the house. His mother is my personal house dog and is very relaxed and at home on the couch. He is an in-tact male. Price: $3000

  • Slash Side
  • Slash Running
  • Slash Delivering
  • Slash Petted


DOB 04/07/2015

Remnar is a fun young dog. He is a good hunter and great companion, loves to be petted and played with. He is an easy hunter, stays in range well and flushes and retrieves easily. Has a good mouth and chase control, but is not steady. He is crate trained but has not been in a house. He is in tact.
Price: $2500

  • Remnar w Bird
  • Remnar Deliver