FC Spiked Moon Pie MH

Pie and his winnings

Pie is one of our house dogs, sleeping on the floor beside the bed.

Pie is retired from stud service. He has been a wonderful producer, and we look forward to using his frozen semen for litters here at Lighthouse in the years to come.

Pie's kids are so great--wonderful house dogs, great hunters, and some pretty successful field trial kids, too! FC CFC Lighthouse Drive Me To Drink was the 2003 Midwest Interclub High Point dog. In 2005, she placed 4th in the National Open, and in 2006 did it again at the Canadian National! FC CFC Lighthouse Samwise MH has 5 wins and 6 placements since Summer 2005 (in the US and Canada), is the 2006 Midwest High Point Open dog and winner of the Danforth & Tony awards, and earned a C.M. at the 2006 National Open. In fact, Pie is in the top 5 on the 2006 High Point Sire list (and that doesn't include Canadian placements, so Fizzy's two placements don't count on that list). See more kudos for Pie kids at the end of this page!

Pie is one of our all-time favorite dogs. We begged his former owner to let us trial him to no avail, then were finally able to buy him for Tim and Anke Lowe in early 2001. Pie completed his FC during the Spring 2006 season, earning a 2nd place in a 60 plus dog trial at the ripe old age of nearly 11 years. He is now retired from field trialing.

Pie is one of our full time housedogs. He shows no aggression towards people or dogs (of any age, and no matter how obnoxious!), even immediately following his breeding a female. We trust this dog completely in any circumstance.

A medium sized liver and white male, Pie is OFA Good, OFA Cardiac normal (at age 11!), CERF 2007 (eyes checked yearly), PFK clear, has a tight scissors bite, thyroid panel normal (MI State Univ.), and AKC DNA typed. You may keep track of his trial successes and view his pedigree here.

Pie has been bred to a variety of bitches from very different pedigrees and consistently throws very biddable, outgoing, early maturing puppies who take corrections easily and without sulking. He is also throwing natural retrievers, which is critically important to us. His kids have shown his great temperament towards all people and all other dogs. Their energy level is moderate to high, but they almost always have an off switch and are excellent house dogs. We now have people with Pie kids who are already making requests that their second dog be a Pie kid, too!

Bred to the following bitches:

  • Grouse Wings Alexandra: 8 puppies (6 F, 2 M), including multiple field trial winner FC CFC Lighthouse Drive me to Drink (Midwest High Point Open dog, 4th place 2005 National Open Field Trial Championship & 2006 Canadian National Field Trial Championship) and multiple puppy stake winner and placer Lighthouse One Foggy Eve.
  • Woodbridges A-Blazin Hale-Bopp: 4 puppies (3 F, 1 M); repeat breeding: 2 puppies (2 F), noteably, Roettger Ridges Dixie Chick MH and Andy of Roettger Ridge JH.
  • Doorcreek Lacy J: 8 puppies (4 F, 4 M), noteably Lighthouse Midsummer Knight AX MXJ
  • Keswicke Seventh Heaven: 6 puppies (2 F, 4 M), including Keswicke Bird in the Hand TD MH , Keswicke By Design CDX AX AXJ , Keswicke Bells and Whistles CDX RN , and Keswicke Birds of a Feather JH.
  • Rocky Lane's Callie: 6 puppies (2 F, 4 M)
  • Welshwood's Flight of Fancy: 9 puppies (7 F, 2 M), including FC CFC Lighthouse Samwise SH (another Midwest High Point Open dog and CM winner at the 2006 National Open FT Championship), field trial winner Lighthouse Wingfoot Strider, and Lighthouse Peregrin MH.
  • Lighthouse Takes A Little Time: 7 puppies (5 F, 2M)
  • Lighthouse Passion Play: 11 puppies (6 F, 5 M), noteably FC Lighthouse on the Lam, Lighthouse Bathtub Gin (3 Open placements and a puppy stake win), and Lighthouse Classic Socialite NA OAJ.
  • Melchris Firefly: 6 puppies (3 F, 3 M), including Lighthouse Tasty Lemon Pie, who won the first puppy stake she ran in!
  • Todd's Maggie Mae: 2 puppies (1 F, 1 M) , noteably Lighthouse Rock Star, who has run in three puppy stakes with the following results: 2 wins and a 4th place!
  • Upland Meadows Morgan: 12 puppies (6 F, 6 M)